PlaqClnz ®
freshens pets' breath
in just 30 seconds!

What is PlaqClnz?

PlaqClnz is Zinc-based, easy-to-use pet oral health care get that treats and helps prevent bad breath, plaque, tartar and gingivitis. Used regularly, it helps keeps pets’ breath fresh and protects against the early stages of periodontal disease.

Simply apply a few drops onto each side of your pet’s mouth.

The all-natural PlaqClnz formula:

Easy on the Pet Parent and Pet

PlaqClnz is an anesthesia-free alternative to more invasive, painful, and sometimes risky pet dental cleaning. And, unlike messy tooth brushing, the easy-to-use PlaqClnz dispenser bottle encourages regular use to improve and maintain your pet’s oral health.

What makes PlaqClnz different?

Unlike other pet oral health formulas, only PlaqClnz products contain Zinc and an amino acid complex. Plaqclnz is alcohol free and will not further irritate the pets mouth.

University-based Research

The PlaqClnz formula was developed during university research into the use of Zinc compounds to combat the causes of bad breath and other oral health problems in humans and pets.

A Quality Heritage

PlaqClnz joins the growing list of pet health care products and educational tools from SmartPractice®, providing quality products and services to health care professionals worldwide for more than 40 years.

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Why Zinc?

Zinc Science = Results

University research shows pets’ bad breath and gingivitis can be improved by using technically advanced oral care products that contain Zinc, which inhibits odor formation and helps heal gum tissue.

Exclusive Zinc-based Formula

Unlike other pet oral health formulas, only PlaqClnz products contain Zinc and an amino acid complex which are helpful in preventing plaque and tartar build-up in pets’ mouths. Other ingredients in the exclusive PlaqClnz formula include: deionized water, carboxymethylcellulose and taurine (an amino acid).

Early Signs. Easy Prevention.

PlaqClnz can be a helpful preventative tool. The key is to identify pets with potential oral health problems and take preventive steps.

With regular use, Zinc-based PlaqClnz:

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